Bellwether The We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark;
the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.
– Plato
Welcome to the

Bellwether Alliance

The word “Bellwether [bel-weth-er]” means, [I] A person or thing that assumes the leadership or forefront, [II] Someone that shows what the general future of changes or developments will be, [III] A pace-setter or trend predictor.

The word “Alliance [al-li-ance]” means, [I] Emerging effort or interests by persons, families, states, or organizations, [II] An agreement between two or more parties to cooperate for specific purposes, [III] A union formed for mutual benefit between individuals, countries, or organizations.

The Bellwether Alliance has no religious or political affiliation, nor is it a charity organization. The Alliance is an elite and exclusive network comprised of like-minded leaders devoted to the advancement of humanity. This is done through providing elite education and promoting high ethical standards and moral practices. Our standards are derived from a belief in higher principles than those of civil values alone and reflect how we should treat one another in all facets of life.

We believe that in order for people to attain wealth and enjoy better conditions globally, we must adopt these principles and establish stronger core values as a whole. Our group feels obligated to share certain elevated laws and principles that until now were exclusive to select families and global elites. To contribute to a more thriving society, we are committed to share these laws, principles, and core values with those who are in alignment with our vision. We also believe that in order to create a more honest business society and to promote trust between corporations and consumers, we cannot simply rely on society’s laws to dictate how we should behave and conduct business. We must seek out and develop the habit of doing what is right, not just what is legal.

“You cannot make men good by law: and without good men you cannot have a good society” – C.S. Lewis

A Bright Future Ahead

Today’s Reality

An unfortunate reality today is that people have become reliant on corporate codes of conduct to teach them proper ethical behaviors, rather than defining and implementing their own set of core values. Once a set of strong core values is defined, it is vital to be surrounded by others who follow a similar moral and ethical code. To date, individuals and organizations are punished for unethical behavior and given praise for meeting the most basic societal guidelines. Part of our purpose is to reward those who exhibit the highest standards and commitment to ethics and education. This is done through recognition and a special invitation to an exclusive network of successful individuals who have upheld equally high values.

The Bellwether Alliance is comprised of philanthropists, top industry leaders, investors, influencers, and celebrities who truly want to make a positive impact on humanity regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin, or physical condition.

Unlike many organizations, The Bellwether Alliance offers inclusion to new members by invitation only. Each member then becomes part of a powerful and vast network where each individual graciously extends encouragement, advice, and additional value to fellow members. They also display our group’s seal of approval. This highly coveted seal serves as an outward symbol, globally, to businesses and individuals alike that they are dealing with a person or organization that operates with the utmost integrity and follows the highest ethical standards. They have exhibited outstanding behavior in their communities and beyond, and continue to uphold and educate others in these values and principles.

Each accepted member follows a strict Member Credo and is taught the group’s elite laws and principles. These elevation laws and principles have been derived through the study of mathematics, physics, and other laws. They also have been collected through the analysis of the most productive leaders throughout history.

The Bellwether

Elevation Laws and Principles

Mind, Matter and Probability

Our organization openly shares these 52 secret harmonious Laws and Principles, all of which pertain to elevation and improvement. These “success metrics” have been identified, compiled, and studied over many years. There has been particular attention given on how they pertain to wealth creation and their importance in creating a better moral fiber for humanity. Rooted in the laws of mathematics, physics, and causality, the laws are believed to support and enhance the metaphysical relationship between the fundamental nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, and between possibility and actuality.

The Study

Laws and Teachings

They are divided into the four following parts:

Success Laws and Principles

The knowledge and opportunity to prosper and contribute

Absence of Resistance

Congruency of the Laws and Principles and their absence of resistance

Value Alignment

Alignment of Prosperity, Happiness, Core Values, and Ethics

Metaphysical Relationships

Metaphysical relationship between Mind, Matter, and Probability
A Good World

Organization Objectives

A clear goal of the organization is to breakdown the current paradigms and limiting beliefs that hold people back from their highest potential, giving everyone the knowledge and opportunity to prosper and contribute towards making a positive global impact.

Practitioners of our core values and laws believe that the study and implementation of these secret success metrics will enhance any aspect of life or human state, including financial, family, faith, joy, and the emotional and physical conditions.

These practitioners claim that once these ideologies are adopted, it becomes nearly impossible to fail.

One member states:

“If you are not getting the results you desire, then simply look at the negative reaction you are experiencing, and you will know the proper action or Law necessary to bring you back in alignment. Most trials and conflicts will become mere indicators notifying you that you are simply out of alignment.”

As more and more people adopt these Philosophies from around the globe, you need to beg the question of responsibility. If these ideologies are as effective as many claim, then members of the Alliance should feel a responsibility when teaching the Laws and Principles. One practitioner states, “We do feel a responsibility and have to be cautious when it comes to who receives these powerful success metrics.” A person with good intentions and strong core values will perpetuate a lot of good; however, a person with a bad agenda would certainly be in a position to cast a wide net of influence to bring much damage to the world.

It is believed that the majority of people living today are completely unaware of these Laws and Principles; however, many of history’s most prominent members and leaders were thought to have followed at least some of them, including: Aristotle, Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, John D. Rockefeller, JP Morgan and more. It is also believed by some that these Laws and Principles may have been purposely hidden from the masses to weaken economic and societal structures, creating an opportunity only for the few.

Although every Bellwether member begins their personal journey devoted to increasing wealth, influence, and to the spreading of better ethics and core values throughout the world, they are also receiving the proper education and support towards becoming a better citizen, parent, friend, and leader. They are supported by many others on the same journey and have now aligned themselves with a vast network of like minded individuals who cannot only offer their support but assistance in helping each member live up to their fullest potential.

It is the purpose of the Bellwether Alliance to develop and establish a hallmark society by continuing to promote the eternal virtues accepted and promoted by select leaders within civilizations throughout history. The integration of these virtues into all aspects of society heightens both moral success and helps its members in the quest of generational wealth for the purpose of expanding the positive global impact and strengthening societies. The Bellwether core virtues include: Wisdom, Justice, Courage, Temperance, Strength, Health, Beauty, Endurance, Prosperity, Friendship, Honor, and Glory. Through the acquirement and adherence to these virtues, alliance members seek to find and establish the Good.

Until philosophers become Kings, or Kings and Regents become genuine philosophers, there will be no end to the trouble of man.

- Plato

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